On the night of 25 March, Norway introduces new national measures to prevent the infection to spread to new areas in the country where there is little infection. New recommendations have been prepared, advise related to the Easter holiday and new statutory regulations have been adopted for the entire country.

These news were presented in a press conference on the evening of Tuesday 23 March.

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Orkland Municipality relates to the applicable national recommendations and regulations at all times. At this point of time there is no infection in Orkland and the rate of infection has been low over time. The new national recommendations and regulations are stricter than those we have had locally in our municipality lately.

It is therefore natural that the existing local recommendations will be discontinued or that further local recommendations and regulations will not be introduced.

Health institutions

The existing local restrictions related to visits to health institutions with around the clock care in Orkland Municipality are continued as we still have not vaccinated all those belonging to this group (applies to persons who are on short term stay).

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Schools, day care facilities, high schools/vocational schools and colleges and universities

Day care facilities, schools (including upper secondary schools) and before- and after-school care are still regulated by the traffic light model. There are no changes in these measures.

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Previously, it has been decided that there will be digital tuition in universities, colleges and vocational schools as of 6 April. This measure will now apply as of 25 March.

This is what the new recommendation and regulations mean to you

We are fully aware that is it demanding to understand all the recommendations and statutory regulations. Therefore, we have tried to sum up what applies at this point of time.

Recommendation related to social contact

  • You must keep at least 2 metres distance in all situations beyond you own household.
  • In cases where it is impossible to keep 2 metres distance, we recommend the use of face masks.
  • A maximum of 2 visitors are allowed and you are asked to restrict the number of social contacts to the greatest extent possible.
  • Do not travel out of the municipality for shopping. Use only shops and shopping centres in Orkland.

Recommendation related to travel

  • All travels abroad are advised against.
  • All travels that are not necessary are to be postponed with the following exceptions:
    1.  Travels to work in cases where work from home office is not possible.
    2.  Travels to family for students that do not have their family at the place of study.
    3.  Travels to holiday homes together with your own household.

Recommendations that apply to Visitors to Orkland

  • If you travel to a holiday home in Orkland, you must do your shopping in the municipality you live permanently in.
  • Visits by a maximum of 2 persons.
  • You must adhere to the recommendations and regulations that apply to the municipality you live permanently in also when you visit Orkland. This means that if you travel from Viken to Orkland during the Easter holiday, you must adhere to the recommendations that apply in Viken.
  • If you come from an area with a lot of infection, you should not make overnight visits or receive overnight visitors. Those who live alone and children and young persons under the age of 20 may have one to two overnight visitors.

We emphasize that persons who return to Norway after an unnecessary travel abroad, must stay in a quarantine hotel for the whole quarantine period. These measures are implemented as of midnight on the night of 29 March.

New national statutory regulations

These are rules that everyone in Norway MUST adhere to. Violation of the rules are punishable and considered as a legal offence.

Bars and restaurants with licence to sell alcohol

  • The serving of alcohol is forbidden.

Sports and pastime activities

Indoor, organized sports and pastime activities for adults, with the exception for professional top athletes.

  • Children and young persons under the age of 20 may participate in sports events for participants from the same municipality. Indoors, up to 50 persons may attend such events. Outdoors, the limit is 50, and this includes active participants, coaches, referees and any spectators.

Several activities are nevertheless feasible to carry through

  • Children and young persons under the age of 20 may work out and participate in pastime activities as under normal circumstances. These groups are exempted from the recommendation related to one meter distance when this is necessary to take part in the activity.
  • Children and young persons under the age of 20 who participate in sports activities that do not entail close contact, such as skiing, may participate in sports events outdoors that comprise participants from the same district of sports activities or region in cases where region is used as a geographical classification.
  • Outdoors, adults may take part in organized workout provided it is feasible to keep proper distance.
  • Top athletes may train as under normal circumstances, both indoors and outdoors.

Training centres

Training centres will be closed, but may be open for the following activities:

  • Open for those who are domiciled in the municipality.
  • Rehabilitation and exercise that is offered to individuals or small organized groups.
  • Individual training and treatment that requires booking of appointments.

Indoor swimming pools

Indoor swimming pools, water parks, spa facilities, hotel pools and similar are to be closed, but may be open for the following activities:

  • Swimming lessons organized by schools, organized swimming lessons and organized swimming training for persons under the age of 20 and swimming for professional athletes.
  • Rehabilitation and exercise that is offered to individuals or small organized groups.
  • Other individual treatment that must be booked and where bathing constitutes a part of the treatment.

Social arenas

  • Amusement parks, bingo halls and similar entertainment will be closed.


  • Employers will safeguard that the employees work from home in all workplaces where this is practically feasible.


If the event may not be postponed, the following rules apply:

  • Indoors, a total of 20 persons are allowed in events with fixed, assigned seats.

Please observe! We are not able to see this far that there are any changes in the limitation that applies for 10 persons without fixed, assigned seats.

  • Indoors, a total of 50 persons are allowed during sports events for persons under the age of 20 that belong to sports clubs in the same municipality.
  • Outdoors, a total of 50 persons are allowed during events.
  • A total of 50 persons are allowed in funerals and burials when fixed, assigned seats are used.

The Corona telephone during the Easter holiday 2021

This week (week 12): Monday to and including Saturday: 10:00 - 14:00

Monday 29 March: 10:00 - 14:00
Tuesday 30 March:  10:00 - 14:00
Wednesday 31 March: 10:00 - 14:00
Thursday 1 April, Maundy Thursday: Closed
Friday 2 April, Good Friday: Closed
Saturday 3 April, Easter Eve: 10:00 - 14:00
Sunday 4 April, Easter Sunday: Closed
Monday 5 April, Easter Monday: Closed

As of Tuesday 6 March, the ordinary opening hours apply.

The Corona telephone: 900 31 260

Vaccine registration

We also want to remind you of our vaccine registration. Please register at:

You may also call our Corona telephone to register for vaccine.